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Jia Po, New Life House graduate and staff

When I came to New Life House, I was near death. My village sent me to get help for my opium addiction. 

Many people where I come from are raised on opium, so we have been a people without hope. 

At New Life House, I was helped in every way. They have taught me to work hard, to turn away from things that are 'life-takers' and learn habits and build character that is 'life giving.'

I have been given skills and a message of hope and new life that I now can offer to the new men, women and children who enter the program. 


My wife and children are also being cared for and have grown in so many ways. My daughters--who before could not read or write or even speak Lao--are getting top scores in school and they have a vision for a meaningful life. 


My passion as a staff member is to see more of my people helped by this great work here in Laos.


New Life House saved my life! 

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