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We are Lao people passionate about lifting our own people out of addictions and the resulting poverty and risk that addiction brings to the families and communities of our country. 

Working faithfully to intersect lives and change stories isn’t just something we do. It is our identity.


We are people who love our own people.



Drug addiction affects every strata of Lao society.

Lifting one person out of the downward spiral of addiction 

lifts the whole family out and gives a

new 'trajectory' to their future. 

By partnering with New Life House,

you are making an impact on the

men, women and children of Laos.





Your gifts are used to sustain the transforming

of lives, families, villages...

rewriting the legacy of a nation.


Yes! Residents are not only freed from addiction, but equipped with life and career skills to forge new lives post recovery. In a communal culture like the villages of Laos, one life can have tremendous positive impact on the health of an entire village.


​Following a 12 Step Program,

we share the transforming love of our Creator

and facilitate freedom from

all forms of addiction through:

  • Holistic Counseling

  • Values Formation

  • Life On Life Mentoring

  • Skills Training and Capacity Building

  • Sports Development

"We want to see every resident experience a transformation of the heart and complete freedom from all forms of addiction. Our purpose is to equip them to become effective agents of positive change in their families, communities 
and society." (Lang, founder)

More About New Life House

As drug addiction manifests in epic proportions in every province in the Lao P.D.R., there is a crucial need for effective rehabilitation and restoration of addicts. More than 400 addicts have passed through the program, mostly young men.

New Life House is a Drug Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center, established and effectively rehabilitating addicts of all ages and levels of society since December 2005.  It is situated in the Lao PDR, Viengkham district, in a small village around 75 km (about 45 miles) from the capital.

New Life House has partnered with the provincial government to address the issues of drug addiction in Laos.

Initiated by Lao people, New Life House works to not only help people recover from drug addiction but also to rehabilitate them. Recovering substance abusers become positive contributors to their families, communities and local economy.

Our three locations - 

  • New Life House Drug Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center,

  • New Life Development Center (a Sober Living Environment,) and

  • New Life Garden 


provide a recovery program that is comprehensive. New Life House effectively works to free addicts and to develop them through leadership and vocational training. The capacity for our three facilities is a maximum of 35 residents at any given time.

EXPANSION: Ultimately this program will be duplicated in other provinces, pending funding and capable staff.

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