New Life House is a transformative initiative

By Lao People, 

for Lao People

Meet the staff at New Life House. They are passionate about rewriting the legacy of their nation, one family at a time. 
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A committed couple directing the work and providing therapy for the residents. Their commitment and love reaches the hearts of the residents; their lives model the transformation they teach. 


Executive Managers

Overseeing the rehabilitation and vocational training for all residents. They are a gifted, hardworking couple with a heart to see all residents changed and built up. 


General Managers

Eric and his wife Pae will join our team in 2020. Training staff & residents in the vocational training activities at the SLE, New Life Garden, Eric will lead daily routines and provide character and soul care for graduates now living and learning together how to maintain their success and sobriety as they prepare to return to their communities.


Manager of Sober Living Environment (SLE) 

New Life Garden

Using his agricultural skills and expertise in fish farming to bless the residents with vocational training. He offers care and friendship to the residents as they live and work together each day. 


Vocational Trainer

Overseeing work at New Life Garden. Kai supervises our organic farmers and Sun provides care for all women at NLG, helps with bookkeeping, cleaning, cooking and care for resident's children. 


Oversee New Life Garden personnel, child care, Bookkeeping

Imparting many skills to residents including electrical installation and repair, construction skills, sewing, gardening and home care, while also overseeing the daily work plans of the residents. 


Vocational Trainers

Directing the rehabilitation and development at NLH by overseeing and ensuring the holistic growth and development of residents and their families and teaching Lao language

to minority groups. 


Directors of Rehabilitation

Board of Directors

In addition to an outstanding staff, New Life House executive team includes a qualified Board of Directors. The Bylaws have positioned the the board to advise the Executive Managers.

Corinne Babcock


Corinne and her husband worked and raised their family in Laos from 1998 until 2013. Now working as a pastoral counselor, she continues to travel to Laos twice a year to offer support, training and encouragement to the staff at NLH. Corinne co-founded NLH with Lang and Somdao and has worked with them to develop the counseling program and also to raise funds. She also serves as Secretary for the New Life House Board.