Intersecting Lives, Changing Stories

Lifting lives out of poverty, drug addiction and risk of human trafficking.

Rewrite the Legacy of a Nation

Because of support by people like you,  New Life House is a transformational initiative

By Lao People, For Lao People.

Lift lives out of poverty, drug addiction, and reach out to those at risk of human trafficking.


With drug addiction on the rise, New Life House provides a doorway out of the endless cycles of addiction and poverty 


New Life House provides recovery from drug addiction with life-on-life mentoring, holistic counseling, and values formation. 


Residents are equipped with life and career skills to forge new lives and become productive members of their communities. 


New life means healthy families, impacting the entire village. Changing one life changes a community.


Provide a recovery program that is complete & comprehensive.

New Life Development Center
Mr. Mee - Program Graduate
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​“Everywhere I go in Laos I meet addicts. New Life House is the one place I would point them to for real help, hope, and a chance at new life.


Before I came to New Life House I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I grew up without a father and found refuge in a gang. At age 8 or 10, smoking and drinking had become a regular part of my life. I threw my life into drugs, ruining every relationship I had.

My brother told me about New Life House so I decided to come for help. The program and help of the New Life House community completely set me free from drugs. And the transformation went deeper: When I joined the program, I struggled a lot with anger, leading to a lot of fights with others at New Life House. Discipline and authority drove me crazy. But slowly, my heart began to change.

Today I call New Life House home. I feel I belong. The love, patience and grace we experience here has touched me and the other residents.

Since coming to New Life House I have learned to love others, respect authority and to lead a disciplined life. I have learned how to raise fish, frogs, do organic gardening and construction, and have learned so much about grace and forgiveness.​

By grace I completed four years of studies in Thailand and returned to New Life House for leadership training. I married, then returned to my village, found a good job and I pass on what I have learned. 

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